Friday, May 22, 2009

UFC 98

Another month and the foot-to-face-hungry masses are gifted with another UFC event. This time, it’s 98!

This Saturday marks the return of Matt Hughes in his long-awaited battle with Matt Serra (I’m calling this one “The battle of the guys named Matt,” for short), and the exciting matching of two undefeated superstars known only as Suga and The Dragon. (Note: they may also be known as Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida, but this is not yet confirmed.)

Which Matt will prove the most Matty? Will Machida actually fight this time, or does he plan to play “defensively” *cough*run*cough* yet again? These questions and more will be answered at UFC 98: The Quickening.

Fight Card:
Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida
Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra
Drew McFedries vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam
Dan Miller vs. Chael Sonnen
Sean Sherk vs. Frank Edgar
Brock Larson vs. Chris Wilson
Pat Barry vs. Tim Hague
Phillipe Nover vs. Kyle Bradley
Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Andre Gusmao
Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Brandon Wolff
Dave Kaplan vs. George Roop


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I lost a dollar due to "Ugly" and someone else I can't even remember!

... oh yeah; this is that game I can't wait to try and break when it comes out:

Anonymous said...

P.S. - Load this, watch this, and then let Jennie yell at you for being a bastard.

(I couldn't stop laughing)